Episode 17 - Jordan Rickerson

My friend is Jordan, our band is the Dizzy, and this conversation is drunk, go home. 
We sat down for a dizzy afternoon indeed, and after a few whiskeys, we got down to the bidness of writing TV pilots, managing artistic expectations, and working our way back up from the brink day after day.

One of my favorite fun conversations. From our early days on the Montevallo Music Podcast, to the Unrest @ Jacquie's Show of yr. 69, to our shared exploits in reforming the Dizzy, Jordan and I have some funky and friendly history to chat on. 

The Earth Hotel is LIVE! March 25 at Springfest in Birmingham!
I'll be joined by guests and musical acts onstage for our first live podcast EVA. Stay tuned for more details and livestream info.

Much thanks for Burning Astra for their sound submission this week, we'll have more viewer mail as the weeks go on for you to sink your ear-teeths into. 
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March 25th - @ Springfest - The Earth Hotel, Live! 
March 31st - @ DISCO: The Hotniss Come Thru! (with the Dizzy)

00.00.00 - Welcome to Episode 17
00.00.56 - Opening Monologue/Dates
00.14.23 - "Manic Mabel" - the Dizzy
00.17.33 - "Superfluous Words" - Jordan Rickerson
00.19.04 - Interview with Jordan
01.40.05 - "Bukowski was Right" - Jordan Rickerson
01.44.44 - Viewer Mail
01.46.18 - "Cars Crash" - Burning Astra

JJR at Unrest @ Jacquie's, Dec. 5/69 (2014)

JJR at Unrest @ Jacquie's, Dec. 5/69 (2014)